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It is well known that decades of war and instability have destroyed the infrastructure of educational institutions in Afghanistan. The buildings of most universities, colleges and schools were severely damaged. In some cases all the buildings and other facilities were burned, the equipment and furniture were looted, and the laboratories and libraries were either demolished or burned to ashes. Many experienced and qualified lecturers have fled the country while many others were killed. Those who survived were isolated from outside world for decades, and their knowledge has been outdated. The vast majority of academics of all higher educational institutions in Afghanistan have only bachelor’s degrees from the local universities.

Because of major efforts by the international community, relative stability has returned to the country recently but sadly no major investment has been made to improve higher education, especially in technical and engineering institutions. In contrast, the telecom, media and IT sectors in Afghanistan have been flourishing and these sectors have seen an exponential growth during the last eight years. However, no significant investment has been made at the educational institutions, which are supposed to educate and train the workforce for these sectors.

The aim of this website is to promote higher education in Afghanistan, and to present recommendations on how to improve the overall quality of higher education in the country.

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A group of students at the English Language Resource Centre of Kabul University, July 2007.




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